City of Vancouver

The City and the region consistently ranks as one of the most liveable, beautiful, and desirable cities in the world.

With 650,000 people within the City and another 1,800,000 in the suburbs, it is a truly dynamic region that has literally everything to offer. In Vancouver, skiing in the morning and golfing in the afternoon isn’t a dream, it is something that is offered within the metropolitan area. This corner of British Columbia is simply stunning in terms of natural beauty.

Downtown Vancouver is bracketed by the port and mountains to the north, world famous Stanley Park and the ocean to the west, and False Creek to the south.  As a peninsula, it is populated by many gorgeous views and exclusive neighbourhoods.  An international set of people have targeted these neighbourhoods in a big way since the 2010 Winter Olympics were held here.  The neighbourhoods outside of downtown are dominated by idyllic residential areas with single family homes and lower rise developments amongst tree-lined streets and parks.  A string of beaches line English Bay from downtown right out to the University of British Columbia, one of the 50 highest ranking universities world-wide.

The Port of Vancouver dominates the Burrard Inlet waterfront on the north edge of the City, with additional port areas along the Fraser River on the south edge.  As the terminus of the transcontinental rail system, both the City and the surrounding suburbs have large rail facilities for the shipment of goods.  Manufacturing, light industrial, and service sectors of the economy retain a strong presence in the City through the retention of these job oriented lands.  As Canada’s highest priced metropolitan market, combined with an expanding population, a tension exists between providing jobs and providing living space.  A history of strong planning principles has left Vancouver with a legacy of well balanced communities and a well designed City.

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