Foreign Buyer’s Guide – Buyer’s Agent for Commercial Properties

One of the lesser understood roles in purchasing property in British Columbia is that of the Buyer’s Agent.

There are three types of representation in British Columbia real estate:

  • The Seller’s Agent who represents the seller (vendor) and takes the listing
  • The Buyer’s Agent who represents the buyer (purchaser) and seeks out suitable properties to view
  • No Agency, which is the situation that arises when a prospective buyer deals directly with the Seller’s Agent

What does this all mean – and what is a Buyer’s Agent?

When purchasing a property as a foreigner, quite often people will go to a Commercial agency website and then contact one of their agents with a listing they are interested in. The listing agent (who is strictly the Sellers Agent) will typically ask if you “are working with someone”. If not, and if you are interested in purchasing the property, you will essentially be working on your own to represent yourself and dealing with an agent whose obligation is to get his client the best price and terms. The listing agent may offer to find an agent for you within his or her agency, but that is obviously not the ideal situation.

Alternatively, if you are working with your own agent, you are professionally represented with an agent who is strictly a Buyer’s Agent. Since the seller pays for all commissions, having your own agent amounts to free professional services. It is these services as a Commercial Buyer’s Agent that Maude, MacKay & Co. Ltd. is proud to offer you.

A Buyer’s Agent can make a real difference to finding the right commercial investment property in Vancouver.

At Maude, MacKay we are well positioned to be in your corner as professional Buyer’s Agents, negotiating for you alone. Whereas many agents will specialize in a specific geographic area or product type, our staff at Maude, MacKay have the experience and knowledge that allows us to offer services throughout British Columbia, with specialized knowledge of planning and urban design that most agents simply do not have.

A note from Richard Johnson B.A. B.Ed. M.A. (City Planning) – Buyer’s Agent

“As a Professional Urban Planner for the City of Vancouver for over 26 years, I attained a vast amount of knowledge of the City and the Lower Mainland. Now as a licensed realtor with Maude, MacKay and Co. Ltd., I am able to provide my services to you. Specializing as a Buyer’s Agent (while also providing services as a Seller’s Agent to select clients), I can help you achieve your dreams in home ownership or investment. I am happy to provide those services on properties big and small, and look forward to hearing from you.”

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